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Let’s HACK this #Pandemic with #3DPrinting and #DistributedManufacturing


About Us

There is a breakdown in the global stock of face masks, and it is a basic necessity for general population in most countries. Local authorities have recommended (or in some areas required) the use of face masks in public.

Despite being useful, you may experience with conventional masks: Poor Lateral Fit, Short Lifecycle (about 8 hours), and an even more serious problem; Respiratory viruses – specifically SARS-Cov-2 aka COVID-19 – can live up to 72 hours on different surfaces. This is a problem since using a conventional mask, at the end of the day we would have a high viral load trapped within millimeters of our nose and mouth, further exposing ourselves to these dangerous microbes.

Our approach is to help fight COVID-19 by offering a low-cost #Reusable, #3Dprinted #FaceMask solution, proudly made in Houston, Texas.

Inspired by the COVID-19 global pandemic


The most radical innovations are born from crises, which is why the HTX MASK is a unique design.




HTX Mask was inspired by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Any filter material can be placed inside it, which makes HTX Mask the right solution in emergency situations and it sits comfortably & securely on the face with the help of rubber bands. One size fits all. Kid-friendly, Family-Approved.

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You can use this mask any times you want.

The purpose of the HTX Mask is to offer the general population a degree of protection against airborne particles and to prevent the spread of liquid aerosols that could contaminate the airways. The increasing use of single-used surgical masks and N95 respirators will have a detrimental effect in the ecosystem. To prevent this detrimental effect in our environment, HTX Mask will be made with recyclable material.

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